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DEC 20, 2019 AT 9:25 AM This meme has been going around lately and I just can’t get over it! Oh my goodness this little girl’s face! It says everything. I relate so much!

I’m not one to shy away from a hard thing, and I know my face can look this way sometimes. Thing is, confidence isn’t so straight forward for me.

When I yield to the Spirit’s flow, I find pure confidence. When I find myself standing with oppositional energy, fighting fear or wrong-ness, my confidence is short-lived and maybe even false. My facial expression might look the same in both scenarios, but the difference in my invisible, yet most-real, spirit is obvious - and so is their fruit.

I’m in a hard place, lately. Life is changing and unsure in so many ways and it’s scary. Yet.....I’m finding the danger and loss of security are prodding me not to run, hide, and get small, but rather to become alive to things in myself that I’ve allowed to lay dormant. I’m finding the confidence of the little eagle-girl rising up in me!

How do you experience confidence?


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