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This is a way we can engage in an online creative community! It allows me to share my art and inspire you as you put YOUR form of beauty into the world! Patreon is a subscription platform that allows me to serve you in all kinds of ways, starting at $2/month. Check it out! I invite you to join us!

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I've joined Patreon because art doesn't happen in a vacuum, its always been a back and forth for me. I am, (and have been all my life), inspired and informed by an eclectic ARMY of stimulating, interest-ing and interest-ed, edifying, challenging, skilled, and spirited people who through different stages of my life have poured into me. (Truly, poured is the right word here.) I am an individual, but I have not grown on my own. I've been shaped by my context, my culture, and mostly my communities. This platform is one way I can bring us all together to "chat" about art, beauty, goodness, and THE big questions, where I can attempt to give back and share what I'm learning. It's a place where I can interact more directly with you, my tribe, my patrons - where I can send you stuff, create WITH you, and create FOR you in a more affordable way. And, it's where you can talk to me and give me feedback!

Patreon helps to fund my art and other creative endeavors.
It helps provide for my family while my husband starts his entrepreneurial adventure.
It gives me the mental and heart space to focus on creating projects as they come: painting, writing, art shows, speaking, and teaching engagements. (And, the books we're endeavoring to write!!) 

I can do these things with you. We can enjoy creating together. 

MONTHLY Patreon Virtual Painting Parties!

Paint along live or play it back later! Register today!

FREE for Patrons with their $25/month subscription. Paint one every month!

If you’d like to paint just this painting email Sarah for the link: $35

Painting on Canvas

Patreon Artist’s Way Book Club
I believe every single person on the face of the Earth is creative in their own way. If you’ve ever questioned whether this is true or wondered what exactly you’re here to do, this book has all kinds of insights, exercises, and encouragement toward understanding what The Great Creator is up to in you. Join us for these engaging conversations!

Wednesdays @7:30pm Central via Zoom! Sign up on Patreon - $10/mo.

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