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I believe we were ALL born to create in our own ways, to co-create with our Creator. We just need to “let it out”, as I heard a friend say recently.

My artistic journey started early in life. Family and friends have always encouraged my creative sense, and eye for beauty, and symbolic meaning, and they have prodded me toward sharing my work. 
I have seen many inspiring, mind-bending, and spirit-changing people and things while traveling around the world these 40-some years of my life. Colors, shapes, light, quirky imperfections that only show in true authenticity...these natural pleasures give me pause daily. Beauty and goodness are all around us, and something in me knows it's right to share them in some way... so I paint.
Art courses at Bethel University, MN gave me some formal training early on. Since then, I’ve been exploring my own style, working consistently since 2003 creating original paintings both for expression's sake and for a variety of private collectors. I also paint live at conferences, events, weddings, etc.
I have been married for 25 years to the man I love and we have three sons.
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