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Conde’ Nast!!

After boosting my social media posts to two per day I started receiving emails asking to display my art in Conde' Nast magazines! What!? While it doesn't change anything in daily life, (…still need to scrub the chili pot in the kitchen sink), I'm honored and humbled by the opportunities coming my way! 

My daily schedule has been morphing….

This last year, for us, for me, has been a year of transition....and there's more to come in this new year! The past 16 years, art for me has been a meditation, a creative outlet, and mostly done in the quiet solitude of my studio. Daily life has changed gradually but significantly, though, in the past few years with a combination of our kids becoming young men, their homeschooling becoming more independent, my learning to say "no" to things, and moving from teaching music in a classroom, to our home. With these changes, I’ve been able to focus on art as more than just a solitary activity! I’ve been teaching, hosting paint parties, making, selling, and sharing more!

Our boys growing into men = the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed…and also…I bawl about it regularly.

(five years ago, y’all)

Jared’s starting a new business!!!

Probably the biggest change in our lifestyle of late is that Jared is starting a new business creating VOD platforms and other distribution and marketing machines! Everyone who knows him knows him knows he will be the BEST asset to all he works with, (but I know it the most). We are excited about this new adventure. (Click below to know more.)



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