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Chat With Sarah: May 2020...on beauty, goodness, and the big questions

Hello friends!

We’ve all been home a lot lately. It’s got me asking…”What IS home?” While this question isn’t necessarily about art, beauty, or goodness, I’m convinced it is a question about an act of CREATION.

We were gathered in the back yard on a cool fall evening. Pumpkins were being carved. The tree swing was gleefully employed. Party music wafted through the air as the glowing sun hung low on the horizon. We adults enjoyed the firepit and conversation was easy. A friend expressed a tangible knowing in her bones that Peace presided here.

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In the 90’s I sang in a music missions group for six years that traveled full time around the country and the world. We were in a new town almost every night, (except for Mondays), and stayed in people’s homes. This to say…I have slept in many a bed in many a home. (Conservatively, say 300 days a year x 6 years = 1800 homes!) (Side note: Though retroactive worry is totally unproductive, I sometimes think about how potentially dangerous that could have been! Ack!) As time went on, I became very attuned to the fact that, whether humble or fanciful, each home had a feeling. Each home had a “spirit about it”.

How does this making of “home” come about?

A renowned Jewish theologian named Abraham Joshua Heschel taught about the power of words - “Words create worlds, ” he said. To me, this succinct phrase describes perfectly the invisible reality we live every day. In Jewish tradition, words are talked about as having weight, substance. There’s a “thing-ness” to them. We carry words around. We wear them as shrouds or as crowns. Our words shape environments. Whether for peace or for strife, we are engaging in the act of CREATING WORLDS, or homes, with the words we speak, both publically and in secret.

During that pretty evening in our back yard, I remembered back to how exhausted and confused we were when we first moved in. At the start, this place was anything but home, but after several miraculous happenings and encouraging words were spoken, we set about planting our feet. We chose, purposefully, to live here in this house, as we have in other houses. We have created “home”- a God-breathed oasis in physical space.

And so, I’ve come to think that “home” is a spiritual act of creation housed in a physical place. It can be CREATED ANYWHERE where love and peace are spoken, where wonder and wholeness are encouraged, and where an environment of trust is nurtured.

“Words create worlds”….

Let our creative energies be used to create peaceful, wholehearted homes.

And may that Peace spill into the world around us.

“On Earth, as it is in Heaven…”



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