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Wild Pear

Have you ever made a friend who despite a lack of history or common experience is a light and encouragement at first word? Just a month before moving away from the DFW area Heather and I had a conversation at our kids' art school and it was at once clear that we were to be friends. All we had time for were a couple of coffee dates and some encouraging emails before our family moved away, but a few months later she invited me to a gathering of creatives called Wild Pear.

The gathering was in Franklin, TN. About 25 singer/song writers, artists, ministers gathered at a home for three days of conversation, discussion, eucharist, and jamming. It was a super-duper fun experience for this extravert creative. Not always is it good to indulge in sequestering oneself with people of your same ilk, but every so often, even with strangers, it can be life-giving.

Upon arriving at the airport for the trip home I found that I had made the reservation for the wrong day...the next day! My husband scrambled online to find me lodging for the night(pic below), and because of my major mistake I was able to attend a house concert put on by some very talented new friends, Ryan (and Melissa) Flanigan. Please take a listen and buy this truly wonderful CD.

The weekend was inspiring. Makes me want to get all of my friends together once or twice a year! Anyone interested?!

**Heather created the piece (above) and gave it to me as a farewell gift. What a gorgeous representation of the Holy Spirit working in our lives.


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