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The Ultimate in Co-creation

Have you seen the internet meme that says, "I'm so crafty I make people."?

The thought that my body was created with the drive and capability to grow another human being inside me still's one of the multitude of seemingly magical WONDERS in creation.

Paint, song, home-making, teaching, hospitality, story, relationship, counsel - the components of my life's work are like babies. I desire them, carry them, and care for them...but their source, their genesis, comes inexplicably from "another"...from "the I AM". It's the same for us all, whatever the talent or bent.

The etymology of the word "genius" has changed over the years. says, "Starting in the 14th century, a genius denoted a guardian spirit, and someone with extraordinary talent was said to have a genius, because his or her gift was thought to be the result of some supernatural help." In other words, rather than attributing greatness to the individual talented "greats" themselves, they were believed to have a genie...a supernatural spirit that flowed through them. I guess my thinking is similar to those medieval folks.

Just the way I can't take credit for "creating" human life, but am a co-creator, a cooperator with the Creator, any talent or ability we see in the human race has first been given by God. There's something really peaceful about that truth. The Spirit of God is flowing through this vessel called me.

Though I don't talk about it much, I've lost more babies than I have birthed...something I find myself aware of every day and a loss to be grieved and surrendered. Like those babies, some passions start but then die before they're birthed. Laying control of all outcomes at God's feet takes courage and trust.

I count it an HONOR to be the mom of three amazing boys and, (on most days), I delight in what The Creator is forming, molding, shaping in them as I cooperate with him.(And I'm learning to let go of their outcomes more and more each day). What a cool thing to think I get to cooperate with the God of the universe in his creation of three stellar men and in all endeavors of life!


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