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Live painting at Current for Women, Chaing Mai, Thailand

This spring my son, Kenan, and I were honored to be sent to Thailand with Full Sail Ministry's Current for Women. The first week we held a conference at Chawfa Grace Church. 95 Thai enthusiastic ladies (and a bunch of men) attended. I truly enjoyed experiencing again the Spirit of God moving in another language and culture. It fed my soul to remember how huge and diverse the Church is!

The second week of our visit Current for Women was held at a gorgeous conference center, Horizon Village and Resort. Invited, were missionaries and ministry leaders from all over Southeast Asia and the world, about 400 ladies in all. What a humbling experience to put God's heart on display through art for four days to these women who have sacrificed so much for the Kingdom's sake.

The theme for the weekend was Living Hope - hope in our Father's character. The Kingdom of God is everywhere, in winters and in springs, in confusion and in easy flows, in abundance and in want. The kindness and power of God is in ALL seasons.


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