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Prepping for a gallery show....

A year ago I was asked to prepare a gallery show for Kings Art Center in Hanford, CA. Right away I took time to ponder and come up with ideas I felt were inspired. The prospect of a show gave me something to work toward! I’m so grateful for the push! I should have started painting right away...well, I should have painted MORE right away....but in perfect procrastination fashion I found myself slowly marching ‘till the 10th hour, then furiously working the past two months to prepare. As is always the case, some of the pieces I set out to create came to me just as envisioned, while others started one way and morphed into other things altogether. I’ve learned so much and I’m intrigued to see what’s next in the agenda....(Portrait painting exploration is in there somewhere. Also, I’m excited to try my new Luci, a “tool of the ancients”.)

The upcoming show’s theme has three main thrusts: Creation as the First Incarnation, Revealing God as Beauty and Goodness Strong Women: All Women Are Strong - These Are Some I Know Illustrations from The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran I’ve also brought my Hymnal Series: Embracing the Roots I Was Given

So, as we drive to CA I have a few moments to sit with this past year’s art, to ponder my experience with Inspiration. I’m grateful. And I’m happy to share what I was able to create; it’s what came through me at this time. I wonder, can a thing be a privilege and also a duty? Seems to me to be so.


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