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Nothin's Wasted

It was my pleasure to spend the day with the ladies of Shine, Calvary Life, Keller TX. Thank you, Sacha and Ms Yolanda for the invitation! This painting came from the theme of that day...Nothing is Wasted in the Master's Hands. Artist's notes: "We are made in the image of the Creator, with creativity in our blood. Sometimes the course of life brings struggle, leaving gouging scars...death of dreams, betrayal in love, disappointment. Some scars come from avoidance and ring stains on the soul. None of these scars are wasted in the Master's hands! These points of pain, and the tears that flow, allow for His seeds of hope to penetrate deep into our spirits where His LIGHT can shine in causing beauty to GROW and FLOURISH. This is redemption! We do not forget these lives we've lived. Yet, ever looking forward, we wear our healing stories proudly like garden crowns of everlasting royalty! This life we embrace attracts other life, other living souls with stories of their own...a community of dirt and thorns and slugs; deep roots and sprouts and blossoms and fruit!!"


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