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My Gallery Exhibit and COVID 19

A year ago I was invited to create a gallery exhibit for the Marcellus Gallery at the Kings Art Center in Hanford, CA.

The exhibit consists of 120 pieces and has three main themes:
  • Nature Reveals the Divine - The First Incarnation

  • Strong Women

  • Illustrations from The Prophet, by Gibran I also shared some of my hymnal page pieces.

For me, this was a year-long exercise in expansion. It’s the first time in my 45 years that I’ve created something of this scale on my own and I was both intimidated and invigorated. I was forced to see myself in a new way and expand to meet another level of potential. While I usually come under other people, working to enhance THEIR visions (something noble and necessary and something I enjoy), this exhibit was my responsibility, from start to finish MY vision. I took seriously the invitation to say with images things I feel are deeply important and beautiful. The process of creating this exhibit was a growth-gift FOR ME.

The art was delivered and hung when COVID 19 safety measures began ramping up. On the day of the scheduled opening, things were changing every hour. When it was announced that gatherings over 250 people were not allowed, we decided, together with the gallery’s board, that all must be canceled. There were tears.

All the expansion and growth had been a gift, for me. But I also wanted to share what I’d created.

We have all lost and sacrificed during this pandemic. I’m not immune.

At the last minute, we decided to do a virtual gallery tour…the next best thing? I felt bare and unprepared but once we started I found I was more than prepared to talk about my art! Since posting the video tour to Facebook and YouTube, over 20K people have seen it. So many more than would have come to the gallery. I guess this was for me…AND for sharing, after all!

The exhibit still hangs there in Central California. The gallery has been closed since day one, but there is a possibility it could open when restrictions lift. I’ll keep you posted.


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