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Love Grows Wild

- A commission for Jonathan and Dawn Wright for their friend Aly, a young, breaking-out artist. Based on her her song "Love Grows Wild", and a short video about the making of the song, I set out to make a visual representation that would depict its meaning and feeling. (Buy the song here:

After initial texts exploring the idea, I received this email.... "Hey Sarah, Thank you SO MUCH for doing this painting for me based on Aly’s song “Love Grows Wild”. A few quick things. - If I could get it by the 8th or 9th of July that would be great. I know that’s less than a month but I wasn’t sure on the dates when we were texting. Just let me know if this is possible. - Do you use Venmo? If so, send me your Venmo handle and I can send you $ right away so you don’t have to float me for supplies. - It would be cool if the song title was somewhere on the painting but other than that just base it on the song/your interpretation whatever go crazy - you do you! I’m not sure if it matters but just so you know this painting is a birthday gift from Dawn and I to Aly. Also, I sent you few links to videos. One about the song and one about Aly’s story - just in case they help with your “noodling”. For your convenience I have included the same links below. The second link is unlisted so you will need to use the link to find it. Unlisted because we haven’t announced it yet. Forrest Cavale is making a trailer for promotion on socials. Have a great day Sarah!!! Thanks again Sarah, I really appreciate it. - Jonathan “J Dub" Wright P4H Music LLC

I jumped on the project and, after exploring a few different takes on the inspiration, this painting was in the mail to them within a couple of weeks. And here she is with painting in hand! From Aly: "I have it hung on my wall above my record player before you enter my bathroom. It’s a place where I look often and it reminds me of how love grows wild and doesn’t stay in lines!" _______ Love Grows Wild artist’s note: “My love must be as free As is the eagle's wing, Hovering o'er land and sea And everything.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson “The person you love must feel free.” Dali Lama “Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away.” ‭‭Song of Songs‬ ‭8:7‬ The watercolor and oil background is freeform, messy, and vibrant. The ink flowers are growing where they will. Unconstrained. Straight lines. Nice fences. Follow convention and settle for cheap admiration. Imagination dangerous. Spontaneity superfluous. Tight grip, safe, the script always the same. Prescribed affection your duty; tidy containment the goal. Love tries. Unwieldy curves. Unraveling free spaces. Inquire endlessly and struggle to the stunningly wild real. Wonder imperative. Difference inevitable. Hold lightly, let go; embrace the ebb and flow. Feel and respond; savage freedom the prize. Love lets.


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