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Just do it....

SEP 22, 2020 AT 9:43 AM We’re all creative in our own ways. Sometimes we don’t even know what our own hearts desire or what we’ve been created to create until our eyes are opened.

Last week in our Artist’s Way book discussion we talked about how jealousy can sometimes rise up in us when we see another person using their gifts....just a twinge of, “Why do they get to do that?!” Or “I wish I could do that.”

While jealousy is never a good thing to dwell on, it can be redeemed if you allow it to inform us of our inmost desires. Instead of squashing the envy, we can look at it with a grace-filled eye. Understand that that twinge may be a little message telling you what’s in YOUR heart to do. Instead of staying jealous, turn it on its head and thank the twinge.

Then, take action or choose not to. But next time you feel that envy rise up you’ll know you’ve decided to either walk into your own desire or you’ve chosen lay it down. Either way, it’s been your decision.

You’ve been made to create. Do it.


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