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Hymnal Pages

There are times when I am able to commit to “being an artist” and spend hours at a time up in The Loft (my beloved home studio), surrounded with my creative tools (i.e. - paint and easel...and drop cloths) and inspiration. BUT...then there are times when I must apply myself fully to my other roles of wife, mother, educator, house-hold CEO, hostess but the urge to create still bubbles up. So lately I’ve found a more portable mode of creating. I collect old hymnals. I just can't pass up the beautiful, tattered song books when I see them at thrift stores. I decided these beauties need to be used. So with black ink, and colored pencils I've been sketching on my favorite song pages. Some drawings are new and some have been hiding in my sketch book for years. Now they're finding a home on the pages of the music that shaped me as a musician and Jesus-follower. Art comes out everywhere....lately, its been on the pages of a hymnal.


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