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Hope, the Seed of LIFE

Artist note:

Hope is so much more than wishing on a star. Hope is living. It comes before fruit is borne, before results are seen, before change actually happens. Hope is like a seed buried in the ground of our souls. The Spirit who is God breathes into that place deep down where we live. Tangible life begins. Even in those depths, when hope takes root based on the three stranded cord of faith, joy, and love, we can thrive and flourish. All this before we ever grow into the dreamed and promised grand oak tree.

Eventually,in God's time, that seed of hope, having been well watered, having been tested and learned to persevere comes bursting through the soil. The mature tree that is our seen, hearty life is most brilliant when transparent...allowing the SON to shine through us, putting the Spirit of God on display.

*Live painting done at Current for Women event in OH.


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