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Fight Sameness

Comparison and conformity are two of the biggest liars to which we humans succumb. They steal joy and wreak havoc in any creative endeavor by promising belonging and connection.

Two sameness-fighting directives I hear clearly and consistently in my heart:


"Know thyself."

“We all crave belonging; humanity was made for connection. To know and be known by our family, tribe, peers, colleagues - this is a song that sings loudly in our hearts from our first days on Earth. We are mirroring beings, ever seeing ourselves through our interactions with others; first organically with our parents, then family and friends, and later in relationships within institutions and workplaces. Bonding and mirroring happen naturally, but not easily. Because bonding is the goal of our hearts, we seem to be ready to, even demand others to, shave off the differences in personality, culture, and circumstances.”

- Leslie Owen Wilson, Ed. D.


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