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Eduardo's Dreams

Artist note:

"Freedom is wild and unpredictable, marked with wide open spaces. Freedom happens when we know who God is and we who He says we are. It's where light reigns and darkness has no teeth. Life grows messy with curves in rich soil so roots can reach down to where true sonship holds you steady - never to allow strangling lies of unworthiness and defeat."

Sometimes God seems silent and at other times his voice is like a fog horn blaring.

His burgeoning walk with Jesus marked with questions and doubt has not had many "fog horn" moments, but Eduardo knows his recurring dreams are otherworldly. We watched his tears flow as he described these dream scenes dripping with perfectly apt meaning and symbolism, these faith-giving gifts God chooses to give him while he sleeps...

...He's struggling, screaming, scratching to escape a dungeon, a cold, grey place, a worn down, forgotten, dirty and dilapidated house, the shingles falling off. He's desperate but unable to move. Then strong hands gently envelop him. He walks from the dark to the light. He finds himself in a wide open space with deep rich soil, an almost indescribable lush-green field. He feels life in the soil and knows peace lives here.

Jennifer, Eduardo's wife, sent an inquiry. Would I be willing to paint his dreams?! What an honor! What a task! If only I could climb into his brain and perspective to create this visual reminder of freedom for Eduardo! Alas, since that's an impossibility, this instead is what spilled out of me....


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