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A day of meditation...

Oasis: A place in the desert where life is flourishing because of a spring, because water has fought to be there, pushed up from the depths to give life to its immediate surroundings.

I've had times of Oasis lately. When life is hard, or when it's lonely, it's easier to see that my heart needs time for meditation. I need to listen, be still, quiet my body, quiet my mind. When I go there, to that place where God's water has been supplied, I'm able to receive perspective. I'm able to hear my own heart's desires. I'm able to hear God speak...and I can feel his gentle stirring, inspiring peace.

On Friday I'll fly out to CA again to be a part of an Oasis day with Full Sail Ministries. We'll set up reflection stations, and pray with people, and sing, and paint, and sit in God's gorgeous nature at Bennetts' just one of the Oases he's provided.


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