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I have a friend named Jess. She's full of grace, tenderness, beauty, and talent...much talent. The thing about Jess is, she's all those things and she's also brave. There's that thing about creative types. You know the comparing thing we do all the time? It's natural to compare, (it's not healthy, and it's usually based in self-talk lies), but's a natural reaction when we're faced with what comes out of our own creative process as opposed to another's. It's natural to see the differences. It's natural to want to improve ourselves. And it's even healthy to glean from another's perspective, creative eye, and techniques. What usually happens, though, is either a sense of unworthiness, a less-than-ness creeps in, or a feeling of superiority consumes. It takes bravery to rise above those two reactions and allow one's self to live and relate with other creatives in a space of contentment and inspiration. I know Jess (along with the rest of the human race) is not without struggle in this area, but when I'm with her I feel peace. A rest. Breath that comes easily because she doesn't put that "thing" on me. She allows me to celebrate her and I feel her celebration of me and what my creative process produces. She's brave. It makes her a good, loyal, and inspiring friend. Thank you for this, Jess. (Jess made this card for me and it has been on a wall of every house I've lived in since she gave it to me.)


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