The Lion

I guess all "Christian artists" are obligated to paint a lion. It's a little cliche...but then again, it's a Biblical symbol and CS Lewis' Aslan IS one of my favorite analogies.

As I planned my lion my goal was to show God as a many faceted being. His face - strong, black and white, masculine. And then in his mane, a more feminine side, soft, colorful, flowing.

(God has no gender. We are made in his image, male and female.)

Flying to CA I found my self sketching, sketching...and his mane started morphing! It looked more and more like plant life! Leaves of different colors, fruit, water dropplets! YES! God is the source of all life!

...There's always a feeling, a sense that a painting will never be quite complete, but at this event it was more true than ever. I was distracted with board member duties and painting time ran out. My lion painting went unfinished.

One of these days, though, I'll crown my Aslan.

He's getting there...

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