Recording...maybe someday

There's something fleeting about the art of music. It's something one can only experience in the moment. It takes up time, but no space. It's fleeting, that is...unless you record it.

That is what's so appealing about recording. Something that is usually transient, here and then gone on the air, is formed into a more concrete thing, more accessable, more solid. (Though not fully...listening still happens from moment to moment.)

I've been writing for years...some words have melodies, some melodies have words...and I've always thought making a recording with all my talented friends would be so fun. Wouldn't it?

Back in the day we made CDs on breaks between tours. Then more recently I got to spend time in the studio for the choir at Gateway a few times. So fun.

My sis and I have always said we'd record something together (for the parents) and I've several friends who've recorded their music. I just recently listened to an inspiring podcast by a couple named Gungor who have created a raw, real, beautifully unique CD. It's always in the back of my mind.

Though I'm sure He could use it, I don't have a big "God told me" sticker on this one. It's just a desire that's had slow growth for 20-30 years. It's just a maybe in my mind. Could a next step in this fun co-creating with God be to put my own music into more solid form?


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