Current for Women 9/13

I flew out to CA last month to help put on Current for Women event. My title, "Visual Arts Director", encompasses creating, setting up, and decorating prayer stations, setting an overall “feel” to the rooms, and then the biggie...paint live throughout the weekend.

While the weekend and my duties around it had been on my mind for months now, actual preparation did not happen until the week before, when I crammed every last minute with crafting and exploring ideas, painting many, many rough drafts digging deep for the just the right live painting for this event.

During the weeks before, our family bought and moved into a new (to us) home, we had a flood in the "new" kitchen that required the floor to be ripped up, and all the while we had unrest in our business and with friends. The theme "deep calls to deep" seemed quite relevant as my heart was crying out, needing to feel God tangibly in the deepest places of my heart. The events and tone of the last two years have brought me to a place where I feel as though I am scraping the bottom of the bowl. There seems to be no overflow in my "self". I knew that anything good coming from me, especially at this C4W, was going to have to be Him flowing through me. Not a bad place to be, but is still a struggle for me to walk through.

When I arrived at LAX my suitcase with the station booklets (vital instruction for that part of the conference), all the paints and tools, and pretty much everything that brings financial benefit to me in this setting was LOST. It seemed par for the course of my past two years - blessed, but not “smooth”.

In the midst of my frustration, my husband reminded me of what the Lord has been speaking to us all year..."settle down". He is bringing life to us the way He sees fit. Accept what has happened, listen for His leading, and take the next step. Only one step. Once I let go of the "unfairness" of the situation I could rest on GOD’s all powerful, never surprised, and always redemptive nature. All was well with my soul.

PS - The suitcase was found six days later, just before I returned back to Dallas. :)

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