Action Community Church

Jason and Eve Fuller, our kindred friends in Fresno CA, just planted a church and asked me to make large paintings that would represent their core values.

Upward: We value worshiping Christ in everything we do; therefore we will live our lives with an “upward” awareness that presents our whole being as worship to the Lord (Romans 12 Living Sacrifices). This means that everything we do becomes an opportunity to bring glory to Christ: our work, our play, how we treat others; and yes, our public gatherings!

Inward: We value the transformation of the Spirit in the individual’s life and his work within our community (John 4:1-42 The Woman at the Well). We believe that the Holy Spirit empowers us to live victoriously as he frees us from the power of our old stories as He re-writes something marvelous in us and through us.

Outward: We value participating in the mission of God, in our neighborhoods, communities, and throughout the nations of the world. Everyone’s a missionary, called by God and equipped to reach their own mission field (Acts 1:8 Luke’s Great Commission).

We love you, ACC.

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