The most formative catalyst of change in my life has been experiencing new places, new people, new ways of life. Nothing opens my eyes to broader ideas like exploring a place where people live differently; homes, food, transportation, neighbors, markets, work, cultures, languages, religions. Reading books and watching documentaries fall short when changing my perspective.

We took a trip!

NYC, baby!

At the last minute we hopped on board Jared's business trip and stayed in this brown-stone in Harlem through AirBnB with a single lady who owned a coffee shop down the street.

For 10 days we lived like New Yorkers. We rode the subway, ate fruit from a fruit stand on the corner, ate Dunkin Donuts(Is that a stereotype?), wandered Central Park, and toured museums.

At the end of our time, when Jared was done with his work, I had an afternoon to myself and spent it at the Metropolitan Museum of Art...all my MYSELF. :) I was bubbling with emotion as I walked through the epic pieces of art made by "greats"...real people who spent time alone in that creative, meditative place putting their hands all over those canvases, clay, wood and stone, molding, pushing, and stroking, bringing into the world something that was not.

My spirit was so excited. Inspiration.

It was tangible. Oh!!!!

It was so fun.

So, where to next?! To what now does my heart need to open? I'm trusting that those experiences will come to us as we need them. Meanwhile, I stay open. Stay ready.

(We're gonna teach them to FLY, right Babe?)

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