Current for Women

Our friends, Geoff and Jill Ludlow, continually use the arts to convey God’s life to the people around them. A couple of months ago I had a conversation with Geoff about how I could work out on canvas their vision for women. The title for Jill’s new endeavor is “Current” and it speaks to the idea that God is moving and present all the time. It may seem like all is calm (or even stagnate) on the surface, but on the inside, down below, God is moving.

Here is my interpretation of those ideas:

“Most of what is real is hidden. The part that is seen usually conforms to our surroundings. Lipstick and polite words. Straight lines.

Beneath the surface lies a whole other world. Life, beauty, movement. Unpredictable. The Holy Spirit stirs us in the deep waters of our souls. And as He moves, a current begins to flow in us and from us. “

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