Bernie, a friend in Georgia, asked me to do a painting that would enhance the theme of a retreat she is directing in March. The theme verse comes from Ezekiel 47 where he describes a vision. He sees water coming from the Temple of God, gushing so strong that it was coming out from the foundation and thresholds and forming a river. First the water was ankle-deep, and then knee-deep, and then waist-deep, and then it was so deep no one could cross it! The intensity of the water was too much for Ezekiel and he walked away. But the Lord led him back to the river and explained that the water was LIFE - abundant! Everything it touched flourished!

When I read this part of the scripture I knew this painting could not depict a wimpy scene. The glory and power of our gentle, Almighty Papa is gushing and he is inviting and leading us to let Him wash, and heal, and feed us.

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