Monica's Album Cover

When my girlfriend (Monica Stahl) told me she was going to take the plunge and record a CD, I was thrilled to hear it! She is an amazingly talented person and her work is truly inspired. The songs she’s written totally reflect her journey with our Father and are pretty cool sounding as well!

I was honored when she asked me to do the art work for her new endeavor and I’m happy to share that piece with YOU. The CD is titled “Here In This Place” - this moment, right now. Here is where we live. Here is where God is. We want to stay awake to what he’s doing now, without fretting or relishing the past or the future. Rest and abide.

Getting started on this painting was confusing for me. I couldn’t get myself to be satisfied with the “regular” ideas that were coming to my mind. I went to bed one night with nothing new and woke the next morning with a plan! When I look at this piece I think of the joyful, free, colorful, and sometimes quirky way our Father relates to and now.

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