live paintings 


You've put thought, time, and prayer into your event.
Make your message visual!
Live on stage, Sarah quietly partners with you creating a large, quality, symbolic painting throughout your event that represents the spirit behind your message - your music, your speaking, your theme. Before the event is over Sarah will describe the painting’s symbolic meaning.


Please include this information in your email:
- name
- church/pastor/contact name and position
- mailing Address
- email
- contact Numbers
- describe the event (nature of the event, location, number of people)
- How did you hear about Sarah?
- What is your vision and how do you see a live painting being a part of your event?




“Of all of the artists with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working, Sarah Geesey is one of the most gifted and spiritually sensitive artists I know. Her ability to be in sync with the theme of an event and beautifully reflect the intent of my teachings is something on which I’ve come to greatly rely. By skillfully using color and texture, Sarah broadens my connection with the audience and enhances their overall experience – splashing onto the canvas what I’m trying to convey in words. She gladly takes on a servant role, laying out creative ideas in the pre-production phase of an event, and then seamlessly adapting to her on-stage role during the live performance. She is highly gifted, Spirit-led, grateful and humble. A kindred spirit and true pleasure to work with.”
Jill Ludlow, director/speaker,Current for Women 


"I have worked closely with Sarah for years and have had the great pleasure of seeing God's beauty, grace, and wonder find expression through her art. Every paint stroke and every attention to detail seem to express an authenticity and vulnerability in Sarah that come from a heart that trusts deeply in the furious love of God."
Mike Haynes, music arts pastor, Neighborhood Church, Visalia CA


“Sarah is gifted in so many ways: prayer, piano, singing, & painting are among her strongest giftings. All are used as a beautiful act of worship! She is a treasure, like her artwork, that brings pleasure to all of us privileged enough to watch her. I know she reflects God's heart every time!”
Wright, co-missionary friend




“She adds such a wonderful dimension of worship that can oft be felt physically. God's heart is brought to life visually before you, which, in and of itself is powerful....watching something blank become art with such ease. It isn't just a visual representation of the message spoken but the unfolding of her artwork displays God's heart.” 
Dawn, conference attendee




“At one point, the speaker was talking about how lies we believe can cover over the beauty of God's craftsmanship in our lives. Just then, Sarah started to cover over the beautiful, colorful painting that was in progress with black and gray paint!! You could hear an audible gasp in the room and people mentioned afterward how sad and (even angry) they felt with the 'covering' of the beauty. But, when she rubbed and washed it away to let the color shine through again, the painting ended up even more beautiful. What a powerful tool of ministry!”
-conference attendee

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