You’re full of vision and I’d love to partner with you! 
Let’s have a conversation about how my heart can come alongside your heart to create something brand new.


What are your desires for your personal piece? 


Jot down your thoughts and Sarah will use them to create an original painting for you...


- decor for home or office, gift, logo?

- colors and style - photos with ideas/concepts?

- quote or scripture or symbolism?

- size and shape?



Your space reflects your person, your spirit.
Let's find original ways to visually represent you!


buy prints


5 x7     canvas print: $40
8 x 10   canvas print: $65
11 x 14   canvas print: $85
14 x 16  canvas print: $125

8 x 10   archival canvas paper print: $30
11 x 14   archival canvas paper print: $47
14 x 16  archival canvas paper print: $80
(Larger sizes available.)


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